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The Team Deakins podcast is an ongoing conversation between acclaimed cinematographer Roger Deakins and James Deakins, his collaborator, about cinematography, the film business and whatever other questions are submitted. We start with a specific question and end....who knows where! We are joined by guests periodically. Followup questions can be posted in the forums at

Dec 20, 2023


Production designer James Chinlund (THE BATMAN, THE AVENGERS, REQUIEM FOR A DREAM) joins us on this episode of the Team Deakins Podcast. Reflecting on his childhood, James recalls to us noting the relationship between crowds of worshipers and the inner sanctum of the Cathedral of St. John in New York while squirreled up above in its attic. While discussing James’ earlier work, we consider the balance a set or location needs between stripping it to its bare essence for the scene while avoiding an overly minimal design more appropriate for the theater. As avid fans of THE BATMAN, we ask James how he worked with director Matt Reeves and cinematographer Greig Fraser over three years and through a global pandemic to bring Gotham to the screen in all its gloomy glory. James also reveals how he learned to overcome his mistrust of VFX while working on THE AVENGERS, and we ponder the future of production design amidst the current and looming advances in technology.


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