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The Team Deakins podcast is an ongoing conversation between acclaimed cinematographer Roger Deakins and James Deakins, his collaborator, about cinematography, the film business and whatever other questions are submitted. We start with a specific question and end....who knows where! We are joined by guests periodically. Followup questions can be posted in the forums at

Mar 24, 2021

EPISODE 100 - ALEXEY RODIONOV - Cinematographer

For our 100th episode (we can’t believe we’ve reached this!), Team Deakins has a special conversation with Alexey Rodionov, the cinematographer of one of our favorite films, COME AND SEE. We have the opportunity to go behind the scenes on this movie and ask everything we’ve always wanted to know. The more we learn, the more our admiration for the film grows. He shares they had many limitations in terms of money and equipment, but they did have the luxury of time. VFX was not an option so they had to figure out how to do everything in-camera. Some of the stories from the making of the film are quite amazing - like the use of real bullets in the scenes. We also delve into his other movies such as ORLANDO and THE PARTY and his approach. It’s a great conversation with a great talent!