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Team Deakins podcast is a conversation between acclaimed cinematographer Roger Deakins and his collaborator, James Deakins. We start from a submitted question and end .... who knows where! We are joined on some episodes by friends and colleagues. Matt Wyman, friend and aspiring cinematographer, has been invaluable in working on this podcast series with us and joins in with some really good questions! If you wish to submit a question you'd like us to focus on, you may email it to For further discussion on these topics, check out our website at

Jun 10, 2020

Episode 17 - LEE KLINE - Film Restoration. Team Deakins is joined by Criterion’s Technical Director of Restoration; Lee Kline. Lee has overseen the restoration of hundreds of films during his tenure at Criterion and undoubtedly left an impact on history of Cinema, allowing both audiences and future filmmakers alike the ability to enjoy classic titles for years to come. The group discusses the immense work that goes into restoring a film, the detective work of finding rare works and how they work with filmmakers to ensure the quality of the restorations.