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The Team Deakins podcast is an ongoing conversation between acclaimed cinematographer Roger Deakins and James Deakins, his collaborator, about cinematography, the film business and whatever other questions are submitted. We start with a specific question and end....who knows where! We are joined by guests periodically. Followup questions can be posted in the forums at

Sep 29, 2021

EPISODE 154- JOHN SEALE - Cinematographer

Team Deakins speaks with cinematographer John Seale (MAX MAD: FURY ROAD, THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY, RAIN MAN, DEAD POET’S SOCIETY) in this episode. John shares stories from his time working with director Peter Weir, Anthony Minghella, Sydney Pollack, and George Miller. We discuss camera operating at length– how much John loves operating and believes it to be the most fulfilling job on set, how it is instinctive and how the position of the cameraman can be very important. John talks about the toughest challenge he and his crew faced during the production of The Perfect Storm as well as his experience working with natural daylight while shooting THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY. We discuss the “imperceptible zoom” and the “what if system” and how shooting with multiple cameras can allow an editor to cut for performance rather than continuity. We laugh a lot on this episode, tune in!