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The Team Deakins podcast is an ongoing conversation between acclaimed cinematographer Roger Deakins and James Deakins, his collaborator, about cinematography, the film business and whatever other questions are submitted. We start with a specific question and end....who knows where! We are joined by guests periodically. Followup questions can be posted in the forums at

Jun 12, 2024


On this episode of the Team Deakins Podcast, we're speaking with actor Daniel Kaluuya (JUDAS AND THE BLACK MESSIAH, GET OUT, SICARIO). A former class clown from Camden Town, Daniel describes his early initiation into the London youth theatre and arts scene up until being scouted to write and act on the popular British show SKINS. We had the pleasure of working with him on SICARIO, and he reveals how much the production changed his perception of acting and empowered him to try “doing nothing” in a scene. We learn about the discipline he applies during prep to inhabit his characters, and we discuss the particular challenges and responsibilities of playing Fred Hampton in JUDAS AND THE BLACK MESSIAH. Later, Daniel discusses his preparation for GET OUT and reflects on his experience being the face of a film that blew up far beyond his initial expectations. Daniel also reveals what he learned about himself following a year-and-a-half-long sabbatical from acting after shooting SICARIO. Throughout the episode, Daniel shares his love for working with directors who have something to say and know what they need to shoot to say it.


Recommended Viewing: GET OUT, SICARIO


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