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The Team Deakins podcast is an ongoing conversation between acclaimed cinematographer Roger Deakins and James Deakins, his collaborator, about cinematography, the film business and whatever other questions are submitted. We start with a specific question and end....who knows where! We are joined by guests periodically. Followup questions can be posted in the forums at

Nov 2, 2022


This week, Team Deakins is so happy to invite documentary filmmaker Alex Pritz (THE TERRITORY, MY DEAR KYRGYSTAN) to join us for a wide ranging conversation. Alex explains to us how his background in science spurred him into filmmaking, and still drives the larger questions his films attempt to ask. We also discuss the moral issues raised by documenting real life events - and perhaps more importantly, real people. And then we get into the importance of being 100 percent honest in grappling with those issues. Eventually, the conversation turns to a field we know almost too much about: how to maintain a healthy work/life balance when your spouse is also in the business!