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Team Deakins podcast is a conversation between acclaimed cinematographer Roger Deakins and his collaborator, James Deakins. We start from a submitted question and end .... who knows where! We are joined on some episodes by friends and colleagues. Matt Wyman, friend and aspiring cinematographer, has been invaluable in working on this podcast series with us and joins in with some really good questions! If you wish to submit a question you'd like us to focus on, you may email it to For further discussion on these topics, check out our website at

Jul 1, 2020

EPISODE 23 - CLAYTON TOWNSEND - Producer. Team Deakins shares an enlightening conversation with esteemed producer, Clayton Townsend. His openness in sharing the details of the wide reaching job of a producer makes for a very interesting episode. Listen to learn the many responsibilities of a producer, the difference...

Jun 28, 2020

Team Deakins welcomes Carlos Zaragoza, a unique guest who has the experience of working in the Art Department on both live action and animated films. Having worked on films like Pan’s Labyrinth, Madagascar 3, Trolls and the upcoming animated film ‘Vivo’,...

Jun 24, 2020

Team Deakins sits down with friend and collaborator, John Crowley, director of such films as Boy A, Brooklyn, and The Goldfinch. We do a deep dive into the craft of storytelling and directing. John eloquently shares with us his thoughts on directing and the challenges he faces on set. We look at how you tell a story in...

Jun 21, 2020

Team Deakins is joined by 1917 collaborator, Charlie Rizek, the trinity and steadicam operating magician who lent his skills to help make possible the idea of a “one shot” movie. We talk about how he got into the business, why he was attracted to the movement of the camera, how the trinity...

Jun 17, 2020

EPISDOE 19 - JOACHIM ("JZ") ZELL - Color Scientist. Team Deakins sit down with JZ and dig deeply into the color science of it all. We talk LUTs, resolution, color space, pixels, work flow and lots more. He really knows his stuff!’